Unity: Pixel Adventure Template

2D Adventure Game Free Template in Unity:
Code: https://github.com/idoadler/unityPixelAdvanture
Live Exapmle: http://lahamonim.com/games/unity/mfpa/

I’ve wrote this open source project that have some simple but useful elements, including:

  • Build scene from text file
  • Draw from pixel spite-sheet
  • pixel-size player movement
  • Camera follows player when crossing screen edge

The entire code is released
Art was made by Liat Adler (A.K.A Mom), and is released as Attribution-NonCommercial

P.S – I’m in the process of moving more of my projects to be open source, and hopefully, start writing some tutorials (hopefully). If there is anything you would like me to work on, please just say so.

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4 Responses to “Unity: Pixel Adventure Template”

  1. anat says:

    i’d like to make a game to teach my daughter math – if you have any tips/recommended tools i woud appreciate it

  2. What would you like to teach her in Math?
    Counting, Multiplying, Integrals?

  3. Júda Ronén says:

    Dear Dardamavet, I think you might be interested in PuzzleScript (http://www.puzzlescript.net/; an open-source HTML5 puzzle game engine). It has some neat ideas.

  4. ido.wtf says:

    Looks cool, thanks