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One hour – one game

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

Lately I’m joining the 1HGJ challenge. This is a game jam where you have to do a game in one hour!

My latest game is Consume, I made a video of me making this game, but of-course, it’s a one hour video 馃檪

  • Development Stream of “Consume”
  • Another game I made, two weeks ago with Ohad Reshef: Charge!
    Working remotely together in a 1 hour project, is no easy task.

    Streaming of me playing games others have made:

  • Let’s play Charge
  • Let’s play Island
  • You can try my very short games here (best on pc):

  • Consume
  • Charge!
  • Circle Swap

    Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

    Sadly, The company I worked for – Planet of the Apps, ran into financial difficulties.
    Now I’m working at a new place, called Mohican Lab.

    Circle Swap

    Before I left, I worked on a level version for my game: Ens艒.
    The game got a new skin and a few tweaks and it’s going to be awesome!
    It’s nice to see my work lives on.
    Hopefully, that will give them the boost they need.

    Ens艒 is out

    Monday, May 30th, 2016

    Remember my Planet of the Apps teaser-post?
    My game is out!

    Apple App Store –
    Google Play Store –

    The Harder They Fall

    Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

    This weekend we are having Ludum Dare 34!
    Not sure if I will participate yet 馃榾
    But it does remind me of my Ludum Dare 32 Project: The Harder They Fall.
    The subject was: “An unconventional weapon”.
    So we decided to go for Bubble shooter in Space.

    The game requires both mouse and arrow-keys, and it takes a while to load.
    You can try it here.
    Like a lot of my games, I sometimes wonder if I should make a better version of this…

    “Princessize” is getting noticed

    Thursday, November 19th, 2015

    I already posted about our game Princessize and how it got to be featured on Rock Paper Shotgun.

    So, since than, other known and less known sources showed interest in this game.

    The top of those – more than 100K viewers watched our game being played by CinnamonToastKen:

    Thanks, Ken!

    You can get it on Google.Play
    Or try it on the web